Albert Fish’s Timline

05/19/1870 0 Born in Washington, DC as Hamilton Fish

1870 <1  Father, Randall Fish, died of heart attack

1875 5 

Mother put him in orphanage, where he was beat and learned he enjoyed physical 

pain, (got erection and was teased). Nickname Ham and eggs. Wished to be called 

Albert after dead sibling.

1879 9  Mother got government job was able to take him home

1882 12 1st homosexual relationship

1882 12  Introduced to drinking urine, coprophagia, and voyeurism

1890 20  Became male prostitute, visited male brothels

    Began raping young boys

1898 28  Had marriage arranged by mother  28 Had six children 

1898  28 Became a house painter 

1903  33 Arrested for embezzlement and grand larceny, incarcerated in Sing Sing 

    Had sex with men in prison 

1910 40 Mutilated and tortured to death a mentally retarded boy in New York  

1910 40 Attack of child, Thomas Bedden (BM), in Wilmington, Delaware. 

1917 47 

Wife left him for another man, began to hear voices, asked children to participate in 

sadomasochistic games 

1919 49 Stabbed mentally-retarded boy in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC 

02/26/1924 53 Married Estella Wilcox. Marriage was not legal and ended a week later. 

07/11/1924 54 Tried to abduct Beatrice Kiel (WF, 8) in Staten Island, NY 

07/15/1924 54 Killed Francis X. McDonnell (WM, 8) in Long Island, NY 

10/05/1926 56 May have killed Emma Richardson (WF, 5) – sources are unclear on this murder 

02/11/1927 56 Billy Gaffney (WM, 4) kidnapped and then killed 

1927 57 Suspected of killing Yetta Abramowitz (WF, 12) 

06/03/1928 58 Kidnapped and strangled to death Grace Budd (WF, 10)  

07/13/1930 60 Suspected of killing Emil Aalling (WM, 4) 

1930 60 

Arrested for sending obscene letters to a black woman, Admitted into Bellevue 

Psychiatric Hospital 

1931 61 Sent back for observation following arrests 

05/02/1931 61 Suspected of killing Robin Jane Liu (AF, 6) 

02/15/1932 62 Killed Mary Ellen O’Connor (WF, 16) 

12/15/1932 63 Suspected of killing Benjamin Collings (WM, 17) 

11/11/1934 64 Wrote anonymous graphic, letter to Grace’s parents 

03/11/1935 64 

Trial for murder of Grace Budd, pleaded insanity, claimed he heard voices from 

God telling him to torment and castrate little boys, found sane and guilty. 

Confessed to strangling Francis McDonnell to death on Long Island in 1934 and 

later confessed to the mother of Billy Gaffney that he killed him. 01/16/1936 65 

Put to death, Electric chair, Sing Sing Correction Facility. Oldest inmate to be 



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